Teenage Acne: It’s More than Skin Deep

Besides the stressors of keeping up with their grades, sports, exams, and peers, the hormonal changes in their bodies can cause acne, which everyone can see!

I've had many teens come to me with mild, severe, and moderate acne, and they all have one thing in common: feeling insecure about their skin .... It can be very overwhelming because not only are they feeling embarrassed, but there are pictures all over social media of people their age with perfect skin.

As an aesthetician and a mom of teens, my heart goes out to them, and I try every resource possible to educate and strive for results. This can take time, and it often feels like I’m a skin detective! There are a variety of factors that cause acne, and each individual is different. While there are possible quick fixes like oral medications, they often have side effects and sometimes don’t even work. I’m not against prescription medications. But I believe you should first try all other treatments, lifestyle changes, and education.

When a young client visits my studio, I begin by asking simple questions such as: “Are you cleansing your face?” and “What are you using?” I learned that some teens aren’t washing their faces at all, so that’s a quick fix that can bring results. I also ask about their diet and what sports they play. Since gut health is essential, I ask what, if any, supplements they are taking. Emotions can also have an impact on the skin. Recently, a child psychologist referred to me some teenagers with acne. I learned that acne could also be linked to anxiety and depression.

Fortunately, there's information available on how the brain is directly related to the skin. It’s essential to support mental health for teens and connect them to a therapist they feel comfortable with. After all, our body is a whole, and your skin is just a symptom and the mirror of your health.

What we put on our skin goes into our bodies. I have found a holistic, inside-out approach to be the most effective when dealing with skin issues at any age.

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